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Liber Avem

FW 2020-21

During the Ukrainian Fashion Week season FW20-21 Ukrainian brand HELENA ROMANOVA presented a brand new collection of headdresses and accessories Liber Avem (lat. free bird). The collection includes ten models of felt Western-style hats, decorated with embroidery and application, and a line of adornments made in the same style.

Working on future collection, the brand designer Olena Romanova found inspiration in untouched by human nature, mountain landscapes, feeling of expanse, fresh cool air – harmony and delight of getting close with nature, which the one misses in a city. A philosophy, the collection is based on, is to move gently a modern person out from its comfort zone, awake thirst for adventures. To head, no matter afoot, on horseback or driving a car, to the new or forgotten inspirations: to feel ground without pavement under the feet, to breath in a smell of pine forest, hear the wind whispering, admire beauty of the Highlands.The décor motifs and details bring to mind traditional ornaments of Native Americans and many other folks. Also, as a sign of modern times, exaggeratedly artificial and technological metal and plastic elements are used. The collection’s leading colors are black and red with ivory and steel-silver added.Stiff Western style hats were taken as a base for decoration; classical Cattleman, Pinch Front and a symmetrical Montana Peak (widely known as a Scout or Campaign hat) styles were preferred. The hats were produced of high quality rabbit fur felt via traditional technologies in black, red and ivory colors.The headdresses are followed with necklaces, chokers and eardrops, designed in the same style and colors. Décor and accessories are made of wool thread, pearls, corals, black agate, beads, leather and plastic. Custom-made by HELENA ROMANOVA’s drawings stainless steel details were widely used as usual.

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