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Brand HELENA ROMANOVA creates a wide range of jewellery and accessories; among them are headbands, hair garlands, diadems, crowns, headwraps, combs, hairpins, cuffs, chokers,torcs, necklaces,pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings. Also brand produces belts, clatches and different hats. One of original and popular decisions of the brand is using and producing details of stainless steel.

Helena Romanova jewellery is an exquisite combination of materials ranging from natural stones, wood, leather, feathers, bones to metal, glass, ceramics and fibres. HELENA ROMANOVA brand builds around a delicate fusion of designs and materials to create emotions.

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In summer 2023, the HELENA ROMANOVA brand presents a new collection "Anima" (lat. soul), including 23 models of various types of accessories: headdress, headband, eardrops, chokers, necklaces, gloves, bracelets and transforming body jewelry, mainly made of stainless steel, crystal and fine glass.  


A brand new hat Western-style hat collection, accomplished with necklaces, chokers and eardrops. Season AW2020-21. Presented at 46th Ukrainian Fashion Week

Anatomica cover web.jpg

The accessories collection “Anatomica” FW 2019-20 by Helena Romanova is devoted to the human anatomy. According to author’s idea the geometry of the accessories must carry out the aesthetics of bionics, contrapose smooth lines of body and face to hidden shapes of internal organs and bones. The collection is a real Rorschach’s test for unprepared person because confusing with its not common for classical jewelery theme and causing certain associations. The colection includes headpieces, eardrops, earcuffs, necklaces, bracelets, produced of stainless steel and covered with achromatic Titanium finish.


The accessory collection "Klimt" by Helena Romanova is dedicated to the works of an outstanding artist, founder of the Modern in Austrian fine art, Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918). Accented decorative, ornamentalism and the gilding in the artist's works became the inspiration for the season SS2019 jewelry. All accessories are made of stainless steel with decorative  "light gold" Titanium Nitride finish.

photosession(9677)(2016)179 web.jpg

Developing the collection the author was coming back to the previous century in her thoughts and was searching for inspiration in the fashion trends of the pre-war years in the beginning of the 20th century: the Orient and the Art Nouveau. Some hats are stylized as Oriental Chain hats of the 15th-17th centuries. Colors, some forms and textures are inspired by illustrations of Karl Otto Czeches to "Song of the Nibelungs" and by the sketches of theater costumes by artists Erté (Roman Tyrtov) and Leon Bakst.


Collection of accessories “Fuga temporum” (Latin name stands for “the running of time”) by Helena Romanova has been created exclusively for the presentation at the 37th Ukrainian Fashion Week.
One of the ideas of the collection was to correlate the diesel-punk style accessories with the tendencies in male fashion.  The forms of the pieces of the collection reflect the spirit of freedom – ribbed motorcycle engines, smooth and confident motion, combined with the flight – silhouette of a bird’s wing.   
Thirteen models of neck accessories and two models of bracelets continued the line of conceptual accessories in non-corrosive steel, which have become true brand items of Helena Romanova. Metallic mirror details have been fixed on thick black leather as a basis.

leporidae (1) web.jpg

Accessories collection of season AW2015-16, presented at 36th Ukrainian Fashion Week


Collection of steel necklaces "Aves Stymphalides", season Fall 2015

Medusa web (1).jpg

Jewelry collection of season SS2015


Collection of plastic beach accessories, season Resort 2014

Spira cover.jpg

Collection of necklaces "Spira", season Fall 2011


Debut accessories collection: "Kerme", season Resort 2010. Presented at 10th International Young Fashion Designers Contest, Kyiv, 2010


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